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Amy our translater, Susie Davies-Splitter ANCOS presenter, myself and Xu Mai our translator and ANCOS presenter all wearing the ISME Brazil t-shirts Mai and I bought.
The forum panel 2013 with the head of music education in China, other province leaders, Susie Davies-Splitter, Xu Mai our translator and presenter, and I.
Markku Kaikkenon (Finland), Sarah Hennessy (UK), Wolfgang Hartmann (Orff Foundation Germany), myself, and Xu Mai (China) following our symposium presentation at ISME in Brazil 2014.
The wonderful staff from Pat's Schoolhouse in Singapore who hosted the ANCOS Level 1 and 2 courses in 2014.
Party night for Level 2 in china 2014.
Mai and I testing the new hand drums in China 2014.
 Joining in and while one of the participants does some teaching in China 2014.